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Re: Feeding Difficulties

Oh my Godness. At least am not th e only one. my daughter is 4 1/2 months .. was born full term with 4 1/2 pound-2.1 kg. had acid reflus was spitting a lot.Change from Breast-Feeding to Aptamil to  Normal Cows and Gate to cows and gate acid refluX(yucky so think like yoghurt) then went back to normal cows and gate to NOW on Aptamil COMFORT. my baby girl wouldnt keep it down so keot changing on doc recomendation..Now that she should be on 7 oz every 4 hours is only on 2 /3 oz every 3 hours. sumtimes stay over 12 hours only with 2 oz. Evn though i tried every hour .She just push the teat with her tongue and look away ..even just wearing the bin make her cry.Feeding her on solids and she gulped it all in 5 minutes straight. but wat i do i put 2 oz in the solids so at least she is getting enough but again then she doesnt eat for more that 7 hours.. still waking up at night time. Want only the soother..She is teething now but she always like this anyway. sometimes i just burst into tears and feel sad to force her. and am wrecked with jusyt feeding her.Anybody Can even suggest Something will help Greatly.Am desperate..