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Re: Feeding Difficulties

hi there!! well now i have a 14 month old he had a very rough start very bumpy he was full term but i dont wish this to anyone!! so because of that he wasent meeting his milestones like right now hes on a 6-7 month old baby level he doesnt eat table food hes not allowed to have it! other wise he loves it and he asked for more! he can have purees only and his cup with ALIMENTUM formula and baby cereal ofcourse, he started on phisical therapy since january this year, and now he has pt, ot, nutrition, speech-feeding and speech, tow different speech therapists he doesnt walk  yet he drags himself so he moves pretty fast and gets everywhere! he can crawl but not a 100% yet he starting to hold on up specially from his crib but you have to guard him closely! so i would say you might not only need an ot, but speech therapist and mainly one that focuses more on the feeding? and might need a swallow study done, that could help you figure out something thats been there but you just dont know it yet!