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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

With my first I literally had to undress her at that age in order for her to finish a feeding. She would fall asleep and not finish eating because she'd get warm and cozy and zonk out lol. The third week is tough because like pp mentioned they have a little growth spurt somewhere in there where their tummies get bigger.


Good luck and keep trying! It does get better, I promise. If you can, I found that side nursing at night was a lifesaver for the first little bit. I just lay in bed for the night with the baby right next to me, and when they'd wake up I hooked them up on that side. Then the next time they woke up I rolled over to the other side and just hooked them up. At least if they're sleep eating I can feed them in my sleep this way :smileyhappy:


After six weeks or so it gets WAY easier. If breastfeeding is important to you, don't give up or start supplementing yet unless she isn't gaining enough weight, since it will make it so that your body doesn't make her enough milk in a few days when she finishes her growth spurt.