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3 month old scared of some toys, people she doesn't know, waking up in a different location

My 3 month old has suddenly started to get scared at random stuff and is very difficult to console when it does occur.


Things that scare her are stuff like

1. People she doesn't know ( well this has really only happened one time.  she did not cry at all when meeting all of my coworkers )

2. some toys (specifically a rubber ducky that we used to squirt water on her belly during bath time)

3. waking up in a different location from the one she fell asleep in

4. when my husband and I yelled and jumped while watching a movie that we didn't realize would be that kind of scary.


I get #4, but not sure why at 3 months the rest of the things are freaking her out so bad and why she is so difficult to console.    I tried rocking her, hugging her, kissing her, telling her it is ok, etc and she just cries and cries for a couple of minutes before she calms down.


My mother in law swooped in and grabbed her from me on one occasion (kind of made me angry as I was worried about my baby).  All I can think is that she thought I didn't know what I was doing.  She couldn't console her either though (hahaha).


Any ideas on what causes this, ways to prevent it, and better ways to console her and is this normal (i'm a first time mom)?