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Re: what are the essentials that i will need for my baby ( beyond stroller and car seat). thank you

a bouncer is a lifesaver for most parents and I can attest to this fact!! Look for one with a harness (obviously) and vibrations. My daughter would sleep only in her bouncer for the first 9 weeks, we tried a basinett.. save your money.


Heres a list I compiled for my friend before she had her baby


--Breastfeeding must haves--

1. Breastpump: I personally am going to recommend anything by ameda (i had an Ameda symphony at first, which is a hospital grade pump used for rentals). I have a Purely Yours by Ameda now. I got it for $199 at Babies R Us, and mine came with a tote, a mini cooler with ice packs and 4 storage bottles, as well as the horn and tubing. It does an excellent job. Ameda is a great brand and is what most hospitals use! Plus, Your insurance should cover the cost of the pump now. (ask at the hospital, and I dont think you can walk into babies r us and get one like DO NOT get a manual pump. I have used a Medela Symphony and OMFG I thought my nipples were going to be torn off my chest.) Ameda, Ameda, Ameda! Plus, I had to get a smaller flange size for my pump ..and ameda overnighted the part, FREE. Plus the lacatation consultants are very helpful.

2. Boppy: Vital for breastfeeding in its early stages!! I got the ladybug heirloom at babies r us for $50.

3. Lasnioh Storage bags: I use these  to store my milk in the fridge and freezer. They do not leak, and have a double zipper seal. You get 50 for less than $6, can't beat that!

4. Nipple cream: I've used three different kinds: Lasnioh HPA Lanolin (really thick and sticky..), Medela Tender care Lanolin (glides on smoothly, not sticky) and Nipple butter (lanolin free) by the first years at walmart. (good, I used it the longest). After a few weeks you wont use it much, but you better have it ready to go!

I also found and loved the Medela Nursing Cream.. it was about $7 at walgreens, and I still use it on ocassion.

5. Nursing pads: I have yet to find a brand I really like. I have used lasinoh and medela. I dont care for either. My friend has Nuk, and likes those.


Dr. Browns: The best bottle, hands down. I have tried and recieved a few different brands (born free, similac,  and a few others) but the best one has been Dr. Browns! They are totally worth the price. Its the only bottle Layla will take, and its the only one that doesnt choke layla by a fast flow (every bottle i have has the 0 month on it, but they still flow too fast for a breast fed baby, causing them to choke.). I LOVE THEM.

For travelling long distances: Its a pain to have to pull over and feed, so i pump, then use a Playtex Ventaire bottle (its L shaped). It doesnt choke Layla as much, since its a struggle trying to feed in a carseat..but it makes it easier than trying to use a straight bottle.


I was worried about giving a pacifier, since you hear from older mothers that they impede on gum growth and etc. However, for my community health class, I did a report on SIDS and found that giving a pacifier as a baby is going to sleep, reduces the risk of SIDS even further (breastfeeding also provides a natural protection against SIDS too, by the sucking reflex, which is how the pacifier helps that) So, I caved and got Layla some pacifiers. Every baby is different in what they like, but this is what gets us by :smileyhappy: Layla is also a comfort sucker,

The hospital here gives "The First Years Gumdrop" pacifiers (you can get 2 for $3.76 at walmart) Layla loved hers for about a week..then she went to hating them. Then one day she kept screaming at home, so I gave her one of the Avent Soothers (not soothies, which look just like the gumdrop pacifiers). Avent Soothers are orthodontic so they wont mess up normal mouth development :smileyhappy: They go in a series of 0 to 6 months. You can get two for $5.97 at walmart. Layla loves hers. I have tomee tipee brand ones for 6-18 months, but idk if she will like them or not.. for now, we have sanity due to avent soothers :smileyhappy:

WE eventually switched to MAM pacifiers, and they are as good as the doctor browns, and slightly cheaper. 2 for $5 at walmart!

---Things that help you keep your sanity and allow you some freedom---

Bouncy Seat: In oder to accomplish anything, i use the bouncy seat. I have a boppy brand bouncer, but anything that vibrates will save you. lol. Layla slept in her bouncy seat til she was about 2 months old. She hated the bassinet because she couldnt see out of it. Check out consignment shops and thrift stores, I found Layla’s for $15 and in great shape!

A carrier or sling: There are times when a bouncy seat wont soothe the wild beast. I had a BabyGo carrier from Walmart( $15-30, depending on what you want it to do) and after 3 months, it really killed my back and shoulders. I ended up buying an Ergo Carrier and have yet to regret that choice. It is about $100, however, if you buy several $20 carriers, you could have easily saved your money and gotten an ergo and that’d be the only one you’d need for about 4 years, as it goes up to 40-45 lbs. The swinging and swaying movements and being so close to your heart are all soothers for a baby. Oftentimes layla will fall asleep after a minute of being in it.

A Swing: GOTTA HAVE ONE.. whenever you cant use a carrier...this will save you too. when you dont want to carry the little papoose!

crib mobile: Starting from 7 weeks on, Layla has been enchanted with not only lights, but her mobile in her crib. her first smiles and giggles were due to that. Although she began smiling at 4 weeks for chris, the real giggles i heard were at the mobile.

Pack n play- I have the Graco Pack n Play with the newborn napper and changing table, with the vibrator, lights, and music. I am using this to transition layla to her crib. So far, so good. Plus its wonderful for trips and for tummy time!

Play/Activity mat: (see crib mobile). :smileyhappy: My MIL bought us a Fisher price one for $50, but walmart has cheaper ones as well.


PAMPERS SWADDLERS: THE BEST DIAPERS EVER! I've used Luv's (i got some at my baby shower) and hated them..not to mention we had diaper blowouts (aka poopy escapes) whenever she'd poop. Which sucks. I've also used Huggies Little Snugglers (which is their brand of Swaddlers) ..these are good..but not as good as pampers. Plus, the newborn size of huggies snugglers has an umbelical cord cutout, which is supposed to be great for the umbelical cord. However, I found this cutout was also a poop outlet. lol. Pampers..pampers..pampers!! Not promising you wont go through diaper blowouts with Pampers, but you will have alot less of them.

WIPES: Pampers Sensitive! :smileyhappy: You wont know if she has sensitive skin at first, but dont risk it. Use pampers sensitive!

the low down on breastfed baby poop- not only is it this crazy color, it stains very quickly, so if you have diaper blowouts, get some soap on that and rinse it out asap!


Aveeno Nighttime wash  and Lotion – does not contain soap so it doesn’t dry out baby’s skin, which was a problem for us with Layla. $8 for 18 oz at walmart (wash) and lotion is $5.

Laundry soap- Dreft is great and all im sure, but expensive! Tide free and clear works just as well.


I have a summers infant duluxe bath, with an infant sling. sure, bubbles and spa like baths sound good to us, but babies could care less, and it scares some of them. $17 at walmart

Hooded towels- MUST HAVE, baby tends to loose lots of heat through them big nogins, so keep it covered up as soon as the bath is done! 3pk at walmart for $12.

--Medicine must haves--

Gripe water: Layla couldnt burp for some reason the first few weeks of life, which lead to painful gas bubbles in her tummy at night, which in turn made for one screaming baby and two sleepless parents. Someone at chris' job told us to try gripe water, and wow. it helped layla burp, pass gas, and poop it all out, which means we got sleep that night. I've never given her the full doses, i always gave half. Get the MOMMY'S BLISS BRAND. Its all natural, and is the only brand thats clear and wont stain clothes. Its about $10 at walmart, but lasts for several months!

Little Remedies Gas Drops- as a backup!! I've even given Layla some gripe water, then some gas drops to help. $5 at walmart!

Tri-vi-sol vitamin drops by enfamil- breast fed babies dont get vitamin d through breast milk, so at 4 weeks, your pediatrician will tell you to get these. $8 at walmart.

Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets- Amazing for teething and NO BELLA DONNA! $6.79 at my local walgreens for 120 tablets!. Layla cut two teeth with no changes in her moods while using these. Worth every penny!!


--on the go--

safety first (or safe fit. cant remember) on the go changing pad:$10 at walmart. has been a lifesaver for me in public places, relative or friends houses, etc. its plastic so its easy to clean and folds up nicely to fit on or in your diaper bag. it also has a place to store wipes, has a bag holder(like dog poo bags) for diapers, and a place to stash diapers. big enough, yet perfect size to go everywhere with you!!

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