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Re: Feeding Difficulties

Hi there,


To begin with, it's great to know your little guy is responding to solids! That's a huge step! 


In your visits with specialists and your physician, has anyone done blood work to test for a nutrient deficiency or food intolerance? From what you've mentioned - in terms of his lack of interest, physical discomfort, and low weight gain - I might guess there are two possible explanations. 

One, there is something in the formula that doesn't agree with him. Is it soy or dairy based? If he has an intolerance that is making him uncomfortable (making digestion difficult or impeding the absorption of nutrients), it would make sense that he is less than thrilled to eat large volumes. It might be worth looking into changing to a dairy-based formula (if he's on soy right now), or vice versa, to see if this type of elimination could help.


Two, he might be a little nutrient-deficient, which is why it would be helpful to request a blood test. You should specifically ask that the doctor look at his zinc levels (they are not included in the standard blood test administered to children), as low zinc levels have been linked to low appetite, low weight gain, short stature, and food aversions. Luckily, a zinc supplement and consistent introduction of new foods as he grows can help remedy this quite quickly. 


It makes sense that he's taking his time eating the solids when he has them: if his system is only used to small amounts of food at each feeding, it (and he) might be a little overwhelmed. 

I hope this helps! Please do keep us posted here on how it's going,


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