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Feeding Difficulties

Has anyone had problems with their baby not eating well?  My son is almost 7 months old and has struggled to eat since he was born.  He will only take the ready feed formula and not the powder.  He would spit up all the time and was recently switched to the no spit formula which has helped.  He struggles with a fast flow nipple and it takes anywhere from 25-45 minutes for him to take 3-4oz.  He also seems to eat every hour to an hour and a half.  We also give him the baby solid food and he seems to do well with it but he still takes a considerable amount of time to eat. He is not gaining a lot of weight, he only gained two pounds between his four month and six month appointment and didn't double his birth weight until six months.  Additionally he is not sleeping through the night and will wake up one to two times simply because he his hungry.  We have taken him to the doctor and even went to a specialist who simply observed him eat but didn't do any testing and has now recommended an occupational therapist to teach him how to eat.  I don't believe this is the issue and I hoping someone out there has had a similar problem.  He is developmentally advanced in many other ways.  He has been crawling since he was four months old and is now standing and attempting to walk, which is why i believe the doctors don't think anything is wrong with him.  Any help is greatly appreciated!