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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding

I actually gave up BF all-together. Dr. said it was ok as not all babies seem to be 

keen on it though my 2nd was just fine and took breast milk without any problems.

I switched to the newborn european formula- and yes there are some dairy free ones

too- but this changed everything for me, it is called HiPP, they got more baby products

but I was introduced to it with formula. Baby slept through the night no problem, I felt

she was also a happier baby. I looked into this and found out it is fully organic and

no other US made formula had all the european one does , sad but true :-(

I pumped for a bit but she would still not take any milk from me at all which is why

i went on with the formula.


Best of luck! :smileyvery-happy: