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Very content baby turns into a clingy non-stop screamer... HELP!!!!

I am losing my mind at this point. My 8 mo son has always been very content with life and hasn't fussed about mush of anything unless something was really wrong. The last few days he has been a very clingy screamer. I have never had problems getting him to eat but now he screams like he is getting hurt until I just give in and give him a bottle. Fortunately he does not do this with every meal but it is frequent enough to be a major challenge. We have been through a few moves over the last couple months but he seemed to be settleing into our new home and was not having these issues. I am not seeing signs of him teething.


What can I do to get him to quit screaming all the time and eat again? I have tried being extra supportive and responsive (did not work) I have tried making his meals a little early so he doesn't get overly hungry (did not work) I have tried letting him cry it out (he screams for over 10 minutes and I respond) I have tried putting him in his room to let him cry it out alone (again screams over 10 minutes and I respond). I don't know what else to do.