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Re: 4 week old with colic

Babies crying peaks at 6 weeks which means statistically most babies begin increasing crying from 4 weeks until 6 weeks when it will begin to taper off slowly. With my 3 year old everyone was telling me milk protein intolerance, acid reflux, colic, etc. Guess what none of the "solutions" really stopped it consistently just good ole fashioned patience. With my 4 month old I ignored all the well intentioned "diagnosis" everyone in a moms life try to make and waited it out. Yep. Just gave her sympathetic love during the witching hours (hers was 8-11pm) and sure enough around 2 months it was noticeably beginning to taper off and by 2.5 months she began to sleep through the night. If it persists after 8-10 weeks old talk to your doctor who will likely placate you by giving you one of the aforementioned "diagnosis" but take a wait and see approach knowing that it will eventually pass (just slower for some kids).