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Re: 7 month old eating and sleeping schedule help

Thanks for responding. Yes my peditrician said that was normal for an oversupply to only nurse that long. I really don't like nursing her to sleep during the day and try not to do it, lately she fights me to take a nap though. 30 minutes isn't long, I know but I can't make her sleep longer lol 
I thought the same thing about that too, and we recently had relatives here and she was really good around them, and loved the kids of course, so anxiety wasn't too bad. Thanks for telling me about that book, I'll look into it :smileyhappy:
Even at this age, breastmilk is their main source of nutrician right? I was told to Breastfeed before solids and do, but then I wait before giving her solids right away. She's an excellent eater, I just wasn't sure if they needed an actual liquid at this age with the solids? Being a new mom is just making me try different things to see what works and doesn't, so I will havve to try this, thank you!