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Re: 7 month old eating and sleeping schedule help

She is probably getting plenty of breastmilk even if she is only nursing for 5 minutes at a time. I had oversupply with my oldest kid, and it wasn't unusual for her to only nurse for 3-5 minutes and then be all full and done. What you can do to help her stop nursing at night, is to start seperating nursing from bedtime. You can do that by slowly working it forward in the day/ a little bit away from naps by scheduling something else between nursing and going down to sleep. Naps really should be longer IMO. 30 minutes isn't really enough time for a baby to actually fully recharge, but they should get longer if she doesn't need to nurse to fall asleep anymore.


The seperation anxiety is completely normal for a kid her age. It's nothing that you did wrong. It's actually a really good thing that she's showing signs of seperation anxiety right now, because it means that she recognizes you as her caregiver.


A book you can look into that has example schedules of naps/ meals/ etc and sleeping tips is Good Night, Sleep Tight. It has practical advice for birth through elementary school age kids.


She might also be fussy because of some of the solid foods that she's getting. Try cutting out things like oatmeal and other binding foods and see if it makes a difference. Also I would recommend breastfeeding BEFORE solids at her age still. Breastmilk is where most of her nutrition/ calories are coming from and if she's getting too full on solids, she'll not take in enough of what she really needs.