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Re: 7 month old eating and sleeping schedule help

Hi momma! I am a momma to six and I have a degree in early childhood education with a minor in child development and a specialty in infant and toddler care, so my advice to you is based on my 17 years of experience, education, and training. First, let me address the sleeping - 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day at her age is plenty! Most babies her age would most likely take a morning nap, afternoon nap, and sleep at night to get those hours, but you have to find what works for you, for her, and for the family's schedule. Looking at her feeding schedule though, to me, it looks as if you are overfeeding her from morning to lunch - one hour to 1 1/2 hours in between feedings is not enough of a break between meals and this can have long term effects, setting her up for unhealthy eating habits; she really should be able to go longer between meals, maybe not much - but some. I suggest nursing her when she first wakes up, then around 9ish - feed her breakfast and nurse her right after her solids, just before her solid, or JUST before her morning nap, but don't nurse her to sleep; when she wakes from nap, feed her lunch and again, nurse her just before her nap - if she needs to nurse after nap, I think that is okay, but don't feed her dinner until 5:30/6 and try to discourage the late nap, but I know sometimes it can't be helped. It sounds to me, like she's over the nursing, but the question is, will she take a bottle? Can you pump? (I couldn't) Nothing wrong with formula (I did both) - you can introduce a sippy cup now too. Nurse her again before bed and through the night, but I've found most doctors say that by 9 months they should not be waking to eat at night, so if she still is, I would re-evaluate her night time feeding routine. As for the teeth - no worries...all kids cut teeth differently! My youngest two didn't get even one until they were 16 months old! No joke! I have found that Hyland's teething tablets are a miracle with teething and I also give Motrin when they are super fussy, because that is what my ped recommends. Just remember that ALL children are different - she is your first and if she isn't your only child, you will understand this! LOL! Chin up momma - hope this helps you some!