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7 month old eating and sleeping schedule help

I am a stay at home mother of my 7 month old daughter. She is just amazing...when  she was a newborn she only fussed when hungry, ate every 4 hours and would sleep 5-10 hours at night, we were so blessed! We moved when she was 4 months old and she was still good. Started baby cereal at 4 1/2 months (BF every 2hours) and then baby food at 5 1/2 months (BF every 3hours)...she just loves food! At the same time though, she begin fussing and waking up at night to breastfeed. I attributed that all to teething, because poor thing has been teething since 3 1/2 months :smileysad: still no teeth! And since 6 months old, she is now constantly hungry and I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Here is her about schedule:

7am nurses back to bed
8:30am wake up and have oatmeal and breakfast with mama.
9:30/10am nurses and plays
~11,naps (20-30min only)
Noon nurses
1:15pm Lunch 3.5oz Gerber 2nd Fruits
2:15/2:30 nurses 
Usually takes another 30 min nap
Plays til supper at 5:15 which is 3.5 oz Gerber 2nd Meals (ie Sweet Potato, Turkey and whole grains)
Then she nurses afterwards ~5:30/6pm
6-6:30 nap
Plays, we sing and dance and start to get quiet and ready for bed at 8:15/8:30 she breastfeeds, we read, and she's asleep by 8:45pm
12:30am wakes to nurse
4am nurses 
7am wakes to nurse. my problem is she only sleeps about 12-13.5hours a that even normal or should she get more? She occassionally will nap for that hour or when we're running errands she'll get extra sleep by being in her car seat too.
ALSO, she is fussy...I'm not sure if I'm feeding her enough or should I supplement with formula throughout the day to make longer periods in between? I'm afraid she's just not getting enough breastmilk which is odd because my pediatrician told me I had an oversupply (back at 4month checkup) but she'll nurse for about 5 min and refuses more...once she's done she's done.
She is a healthy growing baby..tripled her birth weight by 6months :smileyhappy: She now crawls though and like I said has been on solids about two months now so should I give her more during the day?
I'm sorry for just rambling but I am getting concerned and do not yet have a pediatrician that we trust down here yet...Any suggestions would help on both the sleeping part and the feeding part PLEASE! 
Also fussy-ness could be we don't allow her to cry as much as she should, like self soothe, because of living with MIL lol but it's become that my LO has seperation anxiety if I put her down and even stand up if noone is there to play or talk to her :/
First time mama needs help! Thank you in advance!