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Re: Baby won't eat
My child has reflux too & is allergic to milk/cheese. Try the small 4-6oz playtex bag bottles. Stir the formula instead of shaking to prevent bubbles. I used liquid formula also. When he drinks 2oz or stops on his own, burp him. Let his tummy rest by sitting him in a walker or carry all on an incline after 4oz. 15mins later feed him what his tummy can tolerate. When his tummy is hard he has air in there but when its squishy he's good. Keep asking questions and talkingw/ your medical team. Also, UNC Chapel Hill has tons of information and recently did a child's tummy study. Feed small amounts at the time. Try spoon feeding him cereal w/ just formula mixed in it. Warm the cereal. Make it thin but not liquefied.
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