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Re: Breastfeeding Tips

I second Tammy's "relax". However, I found that extremely difficult to do right after birth, and then nurses telling you its done this way, or that, then that they arent getting enough, and shes "starving".


My best thing was BOPPY PILLOW!! some women hate them, some love them..for me, it was my saving grace! I was sore in my back, arms, neck, and etc when I was beginning breastfeeding, so it was difficult to learn how to "properly hold" and get a "proper latch" when i could barely keep my arms up without pain! I forgot my boppy pillow when my water broke and we headed to the hospital, but as soon as I got home, I used it, and BAM. I got a perfect latch, and it was so much easier on my neck, back, arms, and shoulders!!


Lanolin cream.. or even lanolin free creams are great too. :smileyhappy:


and while I couldnt believe everyones "oh it gets easier with time" at first, it DID get easier. within a few weeks, you'll be a pro. You may not be able to take the trash out and balance a breastfeeding baby, but you will be able to walk around, talk on the phone, etc. :smileyhappy:

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