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Re: Nights with 2 Month Old

Hang in there!! Thats the best advice anyone can really give you! I was breastfeeding, so usually it was me getting up, but DH got up and offered moral support alot of times (although not as often as I thought he should through my sleepless eyed You both will be grumpy towards one another for awhile..thats just the way things go. Best thing to do if you are worried about hurting your fiance's feelings is sit her down and both of you have a talk about how you dont mean whats said and if there are short tempers, its lack of sleep. Sometimes this was all the assurance I needed! In a couple more months, baby should begin to sleep for longer stretches :smileywink: just hang in there! It IS difficult, but it does improve!

my DD was sleeping for 4-6 hours at 4 months and through the night by 7 months

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