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Re: Cloth diapering opinions and

I love our cloth diapers!!! so much I started sewing them myself, lol.


My store bought diapers are all softbums brand. However, I have some of their inserts and then a bunch of Rearz prefolds that I use.


Prefolds give you a lot of bang for your buck. They clean really well, hold a lot of pee, and are cheap, like $2-4 each usually and they'll last you for years and when they get too worn out for diapers you can clean with them.


I prefer an AI2 system that also has a pocket- basically a hybrid diaper. I usually just lay my absorbent material in a cover and then diaper up, but when we go places I stuff the absorbent material in the pocket and it goes on and off like a sposie.


We also get WAY less rashes in them, and even though I haven't been strict about it and have taken cloth breaks, etc we've saved thousands of dollars using them.