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Enter a contest, get advice on modeling? Opinions? Please see pics on Acct beaushell1@gmail.com TY

2013-10-29_ Brighton 7 months w mommy.jpgxmas picture 20112013-11-04_Chloe at Valeahs dinner.jpg  Well I guess my message is written as the Subject, If you have time I would really love to see what you think, as far as their modeling chances.. I have so much respect for the photos in your magazine, and the work that must go into them. It would be an honor if you could see my 2 children through my acct (PARENTS...beaushell1@gmail.com), or i attatched a couple of Chloe 4 and Brighton 7 months.2013-10-03 B w mommy bangs smiling at camera.jpg 

     I know I read somewhere that I could submit photos for an opportunity to be in one of the magazines, but I ran into some trouble navigating to that site. That would really make a proud mommy out of my wife, and stick it to all our siblings who just keep popping out cute little cousins as well. LOL

    Sincerely, Beau Shell2013-11-04_Chloe at Valeahs dinner.jpg2013-10-17_side profile.jpg