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Starting on Cows Milk


Our midget will be one year at the end of August. He is incredibly healthy and eats... probably more than he should! ;-) He adores cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, fro-yo, ice cream... pretty much anything we have given him with dairy.
When I have asked our family doctor, she is not concerned with all the dairy he does currently get, but doesn't want him weened to cows milk itself until at least the age of one. I, however, want to start making the switch at 11 months - introducing it slowly over time (ounce by ounce with formula base - 1 ounce milk to 7 ounces formula, gradually increasing, etc.) so that by 14 months, he is on cows milk fully.
I don't see a problem starting him at 11 months because of all the dairy he's been having already (and he's been eating it - starting with yogurt first - since he was 6 months) without issue.

Are we wrong to start early? Is there damage it can cause? Should we wait to transition him until a full year? Have any of your children started before the actual age of one year? It is a daunting, and confusing, issue and we can use all the advice you are willing to give....