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Re: Too tired for sex and we’re fighting
I am very sorry that you feel like being submissive doesnt work for you. Unfortunately it doesn not for some people, altho for the majority i believe it does. It is amazing what happens when both husband and wife give 100% of themselves to each other. Neither one even notices how much they are sacrificing bc to them they love their spouse so much they WANT to do it. And i dont just want blog hits. I really want to share with other people what works for me. And yes, being submissive to my husband is definitely working for me. I couldnt be happier with where my marriage is right now and we have a beautiful 4 mo old girl. I love my husband so much i will literally do anything he wants as long as it does not go against what i stand for. And he believes the same as i do and loves me so much he would never ask anything of me that i wouldnt be willing/able to do. Its an amazing relationship and i want other couples to be able to experience what we have. Some people do not know how to achieve that. So i started a blog to help people. If i only have 5the friends read it every week then those 5 are being helped. If 1 or 2 others stumble across it then i hope they find something that applies to them. I only suggested it in the first place bc i had just written on how to fight for your marriage. And i wanted my original comment to be kept short so i put that link in there and pray that it will help somebody.
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