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Re: Too tired for sex and we’re fighting
Check out my blog you will find helpful stuff there. Especially under the "marriage" category. And the short answer is no matter how tired you are, you husband comes before you. If he is anything like my husband, he will understand if u say "babe, we really need to talk" then sit down and calmly express in how u are feeling and request a few things from him. Gor example "im sorry im allways so tired lately, but perhaps if you could help me with cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, i may be able to have more energy for some fun after the kids go to bed" always make sure u are being nice about it otherwise that will backfire. Initiate sex at least once a week no matter how tired u are. At first u think u may be too wiped but afterwards u will be sooo glad u did. Please please please check my blog, i go further into detail on what would help your situation. :smileyhappy:
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