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Re: Too tired for sex and we’re fighting
I've been in the same boat. My son is almost 4 and my daughter is 19 months. My daughter still wakes in the middle of the night, and my son still sneaks into bed with us. Tired has become my new state of normal. But, my only bit of advice is to try try try to make the time to be sexy again with hubby. Dont look at it as "time to have sex" but to "be sexy". Send him sweet flirty texts during the day or give his butt a little squeeze when you walk by him in the hall. You'll be amazed at how quickly your desire to sex will come back once you start making it fun again. Thats what worked for me anyway. I woke up one day thinking "my hubs and I used to be sexy together, I can still be my old fun sexy self AND be a mom!" Plus, why only have sex at night? Maybe on a saturday or sunday, plop the kids on the couch in front of a cartoon for 20 minutes (or get them down for a nap) and sneak off to the bedroom with hubby for a quickie. Hope any of that helps :-) good luck!
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