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Re: Too tired for sex and we’re fighting

I wish I had some advice here.. I remember those days, plus getting up at 5am for school! 

I never experienced a decrease in drive or felt "too tired" ...and I had some really rough times those early months (IUD, not healing properly internally because of IUD.. months of spotting)  ..

DH would wish I'd be too tired.. lol.  He always complains Im always hot to trot. =x



My thing is maybe you should at least "make some time" for the DH.. Alot of times a man will feel neglected when a baby arrives, and  they still need attention too. Even if you are tired, sometimes it pays off to just try to be spunky for him one night.

I know its hard, especially when concerned about not getting enough sleep.. but its worth not putting a strain on yourself and marriage any further. :smileyhappy:

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