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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding
1) breast feeding is hard, don't beat yourself up - you're still learning and so is your baby. It took me a solid six weeks with my first before we had it remotely figured out. I breastfed on demand, didn't pull him off before he was done and always offered the second side.
2) sleep deprivation sucks. My first took 45 minutes to eat and are every two hours for 8 months, so I didn't get more than an 1-1 1/4 hours sleep in a row for 8 months. It was horrible, but it does end.
3) check out Dr Jack Newman's website and book. They solve pretty much every breast feeding problem.
4) I'd agree to stop supplementing. Trust your body to make enough and pump between feeding a to supplement with if you can.
5) any time breast feeding is good for your baby, so congratulations on working so hard on it already.
6) Go see a lactation consultant. In Canada they are free and are a huge help.
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