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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding
First off, way to go. It can be overwhelming at times. I bottle-fed my first 17 years ago. I am currently breastfeeding my 6 wk old daughter (child #2). If you can start pumping, as it along with your baby, will increase your supply. It will also allow you to supplement with your milk and not formula. If you have a partner allow them to feed the bottled milk to your child. We are using advent natural (slow flow nipple). My daughter takes bottle from husband (or other caregiver) and still breastfeeds from me without problem. We gave been doing this since she was about a week old. Not for the issues you have been having, but because I have had times I needed to be away from her for work appointments. And it was a good thing as I had emergency surgery and needed to be away from her a couple days.

I do not wake her for "scheduled" feedings. If she is sleeping that's what I let her do. Sometimes she can sleep for 4-5hours. But will wake up hungry. I think when you can find your natural rythum with your baby things get so much easier.

I enjoy sharing feedings with my husband. It allowed him to bond with her more intimately than diaper changes and helping when she's fussy. Plus he usually takes the feeding that occurs around 10 allowing me to sleep a few hours straight before I do the overnight feeding.

Hang in there and if its too difficult do not feel guilty ifyou need to switch to bottles using your breastmilk or not.
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