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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding
I know how you feel. My third is currently two months old and I had trouble nursing all 3. I know breast is best, we all know that. But if for some reason you have to switch to formula, or supplement with it, DO NOT feel bad. I had post-partum depression with my first two because of formula. And it wasn't my choice to supplement, I had to. But so many people were telling me to keep trying, plus natural instinct said I should be able to feed my baby, and it really got to me. So do what you feel you need to. My oldest is 4 and received very little breast milk, and she's totally fine. And babies that are adopted may never receive breast milk and they are fine too. It It's best, and cheaper, but it's not the only option. (Also, sleep deprivation causes stress and stress decreases milk production.) Hang in there and know you are not alone! :-)
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