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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding
I had the same problem with my first. You may want to consider pumping and bottle feeding. You may still have trouble with baby falling asleep, but that problem can sometimes be easier to manage with a bottle. You can also max out your milk supply (with extra for storage) and get your baby on a regular feeding schedule. All 3 of mine put themselves on a regular 3 hour feeding schedule when I fed them that way. For other reasons, I was almost unable to breastfeed, but pumping and bottle feeding worked well for me. Feeding from a bottle makes it much easier to monitor how much they are getting at each feeding. Here's the method that worked best for me: Pump every 3 hours. Immediately fix a bottle, then store the rest in a milk storage bag in the fridge. When the bag is almost full, put it in the freezer. With my last, I was storing about 2 to 3 bags per day. If you don't want to try this as a long term solution, it may help just to do it for a little while until the baby can stay awake easier. Good luck!