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Re: Feeding Help - Considering Giving up Breastfeeding
Hi dearie. First of all, you are not alone. Please contact your local La Leche League chapter leader, they are a great resource and will be local to you. Secondly, I know how effing tired you are. I KNOW. my son did not sleep through the night until he was TWO. Yeah, I know. You can do it. Most important things: QUIT SUPPLEMENTING. Nothing will kill Bf quicker. If you want to give up and FF, that's a personal choice, but I would knock that off right now. Please note: DO NOT MEASURE WHETHER OR NOT BABY IS GETTING WNOUGH BY ANY OTHER METHOD THAN NUMBER OF POOPY AND WET DIAPERS PER DAY, combined with weight gain. You can take your baby into your peds whenever you want to weigh them if you want to check weight. Crying, screaming, fussy, gas, awake, asleep, none of this means the baby is hungry. Also important: the baby's digestive system is very immature. Everything will upset it. In fact, many books refer to the first 3 months as the "fourth trimester." This is very true. Babies are just a f&ck-all mess the first 3 months. They are helpless and in pain and frustrated. It's not you. The baby will not starve. And NO BABY EVER DIED FROM CRYING. I know how hard it is to see through the fog. You can do this. You can.

Consult the Kellymom site; I swear I was on it daily. It is a great resource for every question you have along the BF journey. Do not give up. Call your LLL leader for help anytime.

Lastly, it seems insurmountable, but if you really want the baby to cry less, give up dairy. Something like 80% of human babies are allergic to dairy. It is very hard for them to digest and you may see a big improvement if you stop consuming it. I was in denial about this for months until my baby finally started to have blood in his poop from it and I could deny it no longer.

Hope these tips help.
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