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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

Hey all! I hope everyone is having a healthy pregnancy thus far. I am doing well. I started experiencing some contractions last week, and just one, so far this week. I have a feeling My little girl isn't going to make it until august for her arrival. She's been two weeks ahead of me, by growth pretty much the entire pregnancy. So we shall see. As the heat as climbed I haven't been outside to do much walking. Plus, we've been having sketchy weather out here in Atlanta for the past couple of days, i.e. rain, associated with the heat. So I have been cooling it indoors. I keep my sanity by watching the Zimmerman case, because I can't do much else. I will say this, I made myself get up to take a walk around 12:30 this afternoon to go to the corner store in my neighborhood to get some water, and this child of mine was not having it. I got abused, kicked, and punched the entire way to and fro. Lol, but Doc's orders I have to walk.. Hope to hear from you guys. Take care until then :smileyhappy: