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Re: Adoption

My husband and I are adopting our grandson. We're in our 50's. My stepson is the father. Due to some crazy circumstances this baby spent his first 14 months of life in a Foster Home before we knew that he was our family in December. We finally met him in March and began visiting him as often as possible to start the Transistioning Process. In April, he began overnight visits (1 night/weeklyX2, 2 nts/wklyX2, 2nts/wkly/twice wklyX4wks, and 4 nts/wkly). I've never had children, and so we are loving every moment, including finally having this baby in our home full time for the last few weeks. We expect the adoption process to begin in January. The last hitch in this is that the Foster Family has been fighting us as they desperately want to keep him, (1) in court, (2) an invasive deposition, (3) bonding instead of transisitioning, and (4) where she would whisper things to him and had him so upset that he cried almost the whole trip to our house. This was after several visits where he began coming up to us on his own and raising his arms for us to pick him up. Then the foster mom began interfering with our transitioning because they too had decided to file for adoption. Thank God for family minded lawyers and judges! Everything is going in our direction.