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Re: New To Forum

Hello and welcome.  I am so glad you have joined us!  As you can see we are the first few to join!


As far as pregnancy symptoms, I had really sore breast and moodiness (the reason I tested)!!  I found out extremely early (at 3 weeks 3 days).  I wasn't due for my period for several days but the symptoms were horrible.  So far so good.  The sore breast have gotten better but I think the moodiness is here to stay!  I have also experienced the worst gas ever! Embarrasing but true.  No nausea, no vomitting, but for this I am thankful. 


I had my pregnancy cofirmed with a blood test last week and my first sono and OB appt are next week at 6 weeks, 1 day.


How is eveyone else feeling?  Doctor appts scheduled??