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Hi Sept Mommies!!

  I just found out yesterday! My husband and I are so excited.  My Due Date is Sept 8th.  I have my first doctors apointment is this morning.  Im about 4 weeks along, but I am lucky to be getting in so early considering my yearly pap apointment was already scheduled for today!!! This is not my first pregnancy, I had a misscarriage about 8 years ago when I was 20.  So my doctor wanted to keep my apointment, mainly to see if Im a "high risk" pregnancy.  I have no idea what this apointment will intail.  All I know is that blood work is 1 part, (I hate blood work :smileysad: but I know Im going to have a lot of it).  Anywho, its nice to have people to talk to that are in the same time frame as me.

Symptoms: Severe indigestion, and gas!  No nausea, yet.