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High Pulse, Low Blood Pressure - Anyone else have this problem?
This is weird. For the last few weeks I've had pretty bad dizziness and shaking and it's been getting steadily worse. I feel like fainting most of the time and even when I am sitting or lying down my heart feels like it will come out of my chest. My heart rate has been around 115 to 130 every time I've checked (way higher than normal for me, I'm petite and pretty fit) but my blood pressure is only 90/50 something, whereas it's usually around 115/70. This is my first pregnancy and I know being pregnant is supposed to feel like crap, but I'm starting to worry since everyone I've talked to says this isn't normal. I've searched the forums and haven't found any definitive answers. My doctor says my iron levels are good and I try to stay steadily hydrated, so I don't know what else might be going wrong. Any insights?
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