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Due 9/27 - First time mom

Hi, I'm a first time mommy due on 9/27.  I'm also an older mom, I'll be 42 next month.  I'd love to hear what others that are due around the same time are going through throughout their pregnancies! 

Right now I'm:

  • Terrified something will go wrong (especially due to my age)
  • Exhausted all the time
  • Experiencing constant nausea w/ some vomiting
  • Not sure how to tell my parents...I'm in a loving, committed relationship with a great guy, but not married, which they can't understand and openly complain about.  And they will worry about chromosomal issues due to my age - my dad already said - DO NOT GET PREGNANT (with a list of dumb reasons, of course).  I don't want to take on their worries, I have enough of my own!  Here I am worrying for them/about them already...
  • Concerned about balancing a healthy pregnancy with a demanding job
  • Wondering how to balance a healthy family life with a demanding job
  • Feeling the most amazing JOY ever, this is a dream come true!!

So, there's the short list...  :smileyhappy:


Nice to meet all of you!