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Re: New To Forum
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I'm 8w1d but just found the forum today. :smileyhappy: Estimated due date is Sept 22! My first appointment with my OB was supposed to be this Thurs but they called to say he's unavailable now, so we rescheduled for next Thurs, the 20th of Feb. I'm excited to go in there and get this party started, haha. I'm hypothyridic and a lactose intolerant vegetarian (almost vegan, but not quite), so I hope they're ready for me! I'm also going to be 30 on March 2nd and my husband will be 54 in April. It's our first together but he has three grown children and a granddaughter that's 7. We're also interracial, so I think that covers all the weirdness bases? :smileyhappy: I hope everyone is progressing well. I have some low level nausea all daylong, am constipation, but am mostly EXHAUSTED all the time.
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