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Hello everybody! I am so excited and nervous to be here!!!!

We had known we were pregnant for 3 weeks before I made an appt. with my OB. This will be our 12 pregnancy and first baby. We are now 7 weeks today. I usually have miscarried by now. We have only told 5 people and will not be sharing until next month after our ultrasound and have visual confirmation that all is good.

I have been doing so much praying and putting everything into Gods hands as I can not do this without him. My family has been through this so much that they don't even want to know until we "pop" as some have said.

We have great faith this pregnancy will be viable. The Hcg was 4,607. I've never been over 900. I am having so many symptoms I have never experience. In the past I was never able to get pregnant without being on a pill, patch or shot, or ovulation meds. We were not trying and we were actually scheduled for a tubligation.

This truly is a miracle from above!!!

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