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I thought we were done at 4, but found out about 2 weeks ago that we are expecting #5, I have the copper IUD.... So this is totally unexpected and our family has been going through a lot of hardships, one more child to me feels like it should be a blessing, but my family (mother and siblings) are encouraging a different route, which I find appalling...It is very upsetting to me and the negativity is making it harder for me to cope with the unexpected. We already have 4, for us the more the merrier, we weren't planning for more, but why in the world would I "terminate" just because one more seems like too much in the eyes of others???! I must add, my siblings have no kids, 2 of them never want kids and the other is younger and in college focusing on other things before he wants to eventually have kids, and he is the only supportive one. I hate that at my age and 4 children later that I have to feel pressure like this from my mother : ( My husband is supportive, we are both shocked but see no viable reason why we shouldn't welcome another addition. He recently has been diagnosed with severe combat PTSD and that has been tough on us all, but another child isn't going to change those circumstances. I just need some support or advice or encouragement that I am making the right decision and really to vent about the lack of support and cruel words from my mother, even when I am 30+ years of age!! : ( I want to get past this point and maybe be able to enjoy this last pregnancy, because after this, one of us is getting a permanent "fix" ; )
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