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Re: Symptoms

I just started my 8th week. This is my first pregnancy!! My boobs are swollen and I have occasional heart burn. That's about it. I haven't experienced spotting or morning sickness. My skin looks great. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that there is a baby growing inside of me. I received my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound a couple of days ago and it is such an amazing feeling to see that little heart beat just pounding away. :smileyhappy: I do need some suggestions in regards to one issue. I have a high stress career. Therefore, I clinch my teeth at night, have TMJ, and have to wear a fitted mouth guard every night. This past week my jaw has hurt so bad. I know Tylenol is pretty much the only thing you can take that is safe for the baby but I still don't want to take it that often because I read it leads to ADHD in children. Does anyone have any tips to help ease my jaw pain? I am getting a little tired of not being able to eay anything except yogurt, soup, and mucshy bananas! Thanks, I look forward to everyone's posts over the next several months. :smileyhappy: