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Re: octobers own

Im due Oct. 5th and the nausea and sleepiness is kicking my butt. I can't eat much of anything and i've already lost about 6 pounds my doctor says its normal though in the first trimester. I also have 12 year old twins so i'm starting all over again lol

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Re: octobers own
I'm due Oct 4 too!! This is my first, and my boyfriend and I are so excited. The nausea is pretty bad, but I have found eating slowly and in small amounts all day long is the best way to alleviate it. It seems the hungrier I am, the worse it is, so I've just tried to avoid getting too hungry. My biggest issue is sleeping-I'm tired but can't fall asleep! Any tips from veterans?
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Re: octobers own

I'm due October 12 as well, but because twins tend to come early, I probably won't make it that long. Congratulations on your first. These are my second and third respectively.