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Re: Spotting?

My experience with miscarriage: one day i had bright red blood show up, not even that much, and no pain, and then nothing for two weeks... long enough that i thought it was just a fluke, but then the ultrasound showed otherwise. After that i had brown spotting for maybe 5 days, then the most horrible cramps/contractions ever, before passing the tissue, and then basically having my period for almost 2 weeks. Of course with pads too rather than tampons which made everything worse! That was my experience with it: it's a long process. Seems weird that it takes the body that long to expel. I thought it would all happen at once, but that's not the case.

Anyways I think one of the major things to watch out for is if any of your pregnancy symptoms decrease. I didn't have any morning sickness in my last pregnancy/miscarriage. I don't have any morning sickness right now either, so that also kind of worries me, that the same thing's happening again.. It sounds crazy but I really wish I had morning sickness because that's a sign of a healthy pregnancy! I'd give anything to be nauseous, honestly!