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Re: First time mommy

Hi, I'm single, in my 40's and 27 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have no siblings and both parents are deceased so I also do not have any babysitting support, I rent and. I'm very broke as I spent every  cent on becoming pregnant but though I am a little nervous about how I'm going to manage everything and how on earth I'm going to be able to get back to work (I'm a shift worker), I'm more excited than scared.

I know I'll miss feeling my baby move inside me and the wonder that there actually is a  live human being inside me, but how exciting is it to wonder what they are going to look like, what their personality will be like, and all the exciting moments, love and cuddles are yet to come into my life??!

Please don't be scared, be excited by all the wonderful ways your life is about to change!

Take a breath and enjoy the ride because it's truly a magical moment in your life and one that happens too few times for a lot of us.

Good luck x