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Re: Gender!
We were split when I was pregnant so I compromised with my husband. At our 20 week appointment he got to find out under the stipulation that he was not to tell anyone. That if someone ruined the surprise for me I would be heartbroken because I could find out right then but wanted the surprise. He made it the rest of the pregnancy knowing & I got my surprise on our daughter's birth day. It's was an amazing experience. If we get pregnant again I'm thinking we will all find out just so my daughter can start bonding but we will see.
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Re: Gender!
This is baby #2. My hubby & I are both planners so we found out as soon as we could with our daughter & we are both soooo excited to find out next month what this baby is. I am hoping & praying for another girl, simply bc I kept literally everything from our daughter, & we live in a 2 bedroom condo so the kids will be sharing a room for at least a few years. I shared a room with my younger brother so it won't be that big of a deal, but I also have a feeling its a girl :-)
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Re: Gender!
This is my baby no 3, its a bit crampy but not like my first two gals, am really hoping and praying for a boy this time. Don't know if I want to know or make it a surprise am just in between.
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Re: Gender!
This is baby #3 and it's so much different than my first 2 pregnancies. I am super sick and tired so I thinking it's a boy. With my girls I was never sick and very energetic. But tomorrow hopefully this ultrasound tells me something. .
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Re: Gender!

This is my first baby so I really am anxious to find out what I am having! I find out on the 28th my fiance is hoping for a boy.

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Re: Gender!

This is my first and me and my husband agreed right away to find out what the gender is as soon as possible. It is a big fight with his mother though, she informs me every time i see her that not know the sex of all four of her boys made meating them that much more special. I tend to just smile politly and walk away i am am impatient person and dont want to waite to know! Though i can say i am 90% sure it's a boy. It's to the point that i dont even look at baby girl stuff any more! I never believed mothers when they said they knew but since 8 weeks i was positive about the gender!

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Re: Gender!
Since I got pregnant at 39, I knew this might be my only pregnancy. Both me and the father decided we wanted to be surprised. With modern technology, there are so few surpises left in life. I had at least 6 sonograms and an amnio and we still managed to be surpised in the delivery room. Our beautiful girl is almost 4. If I were to do it again, I would still be surprised.
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