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Re: First time mommy
Hi orexismmii--yes, i have my 'nuchal tranlucency' U/S next week and I've done my blood screening for MaterniT21.........just praying for the best on both. After meeting with the genetic counselor, I feel better about the 'odds.' We have no family history, so less than 1% chance is pretty comforting to me........we'll just have to see what the screenings show, but either way, I wouldn't terminate the prego so it really doesn't matter what they say. I see pregnancy as a blessing and will take what God/the universe gives me.........that's just my opinion...... :smileyhappy: and yes, I take comfort in the fact that women older than I am have healthy babies all the time, like Gwen Stefani, Savannah Guthrie is now prego at 42, and my own grandmother, who had all 3 of hers after age 41! :smileyhappy: just staying positive and praying for a healthy baby, and maybe a second one soon after! i have to just stop worrying! the truth is, age may 'increase' the risk (or they think it may, but after doing my own research, i think the numbers are skewed anyway, because most women have their babies prior to 35, so the number of babies born after 35 are less, so the numbers get skewed IMO, but i have several friends who have babies with missing chromosomes, extra chromosomes, what have you, and they had them at different ages. you just dont' know what you're going to get, and science can try to 'predict' and can do a good job of it, but, the reality is, every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and you get what you get.........at 26, 35, 39, 44, etc. it just is what it is.