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Re: hot tub? just putting legs in? ok?

Thanks for the response! What I ended up doing was just from knees down, and only for about 5 minutes anyway, and it was honestly just too cold above the water to even enjoy the massage on my legs from the jets, so I just gave up.  


It sucked to sit there while hubby was enjoying it, WITH his glass of wine, but, alas, we both know in the end, it's probably better that I didn't.........


When I saw a warning sign outside the tub indicating pregnant women need to consult w/ doctors (mine didn't get back to me in time), I just decided not to even risk it, even w/ the 10 minutes, esp. since this is first trimester for me. 


Oh well, I'll be looking forward to the next hot tub experience after baby is born! :smileyhappy:  thanks again!