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Re: Symptoms
First baby and I had severe morning sickness for about 3 weeks (around weeks 3-6). I am now just dealing with nausea that comes and goes but is definitely worse in the morning. I lost about 12 lbs from the morning sickness but I gained 10 lbs back in the last couple of weeks now that I can keep my food down. I've noticed eating something small helps with my nausea. My boobs are so heavy feeling and tender and I have been extremely exhausted the past couple weeks. Sometimes I doze off while texting people. It just comes on so strong and I try to fight it but I fall asleep. I am having some light cramping here and there and was going to ask the dr tomorrow if that's normal. I just read that a few of you are also having cramping and someone mentioned it's from the uterus stretching so that makes me feel more at ease. I've also had some really bad migraines which I suffer from pre getting pregnant and my feet are already starting to swell a little.
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