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Re: Amnio?

Yeah, don't get too wrapped up in what's on the internet. Just focus on you and your baby and do what feels good for you! 


I didn't have an amnio the first time. I felt like it wouldn't change anything either way, so I chose to just believe everything was going to go the way it was supposed to. BUT, because I'm over 40 this time, I will consider having it (still not sure) if the blood tests come back positive. I go in on Tuesday and I'm just hoping it will be an easy decision and they come back negative! :smileywink: I may end up having it because I'm older and a little more of a worrier (weird how every pregnancy affects you differently that way), but I'm just as nervous about having the amnio done than the results it will yield. 


It's funny you talking about the difference between what women used to do and how much healthier we are now. My grandpa was rushing my grandma to the hospital to have child #5 and she refused to get out of the car until her beer was empty! ROFL! But then again, that's why the baby survival rate is so much higher these days! 


Telling someone not to worry is easy. But I know just making yourself stop isn't so much. Try to keep your mind occupied and focus on the little miracle inside you. :smileyhappy: