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Re: How did you find out?

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years to get pregant, I used the ovulation predictor strips and we even got tested to make sure nothing was wrong (semen analysis,  hormone test and dye test), everything came back normal.We even met with Shady Grove to expore our options. We decided we would save money for IVF but still keep doing what we were doing in the hopes of conceiving naturally.


This past month on labor day weeken, I got the smiley on the clear blue easy predictor and got to work having sex every other day.


I usually get my period bw 25-28 days every month and for the past year or so i've been every 25-26 days. So when that day came and went I thought I might be pregnant but didn't want to get my hopes up so I waited until day 28 came and went. On the 29th day I took a digital pregnancy test and got a positive!!!! I gasped and ran downstairs to show my husband. I played it off by having a sad face when I handed him the test, after he looked at it I started crying and jumped into his arms.


We have been praying so much about starting a family and we are beyond thrilled!