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Re: Scheduled C section
I had a breech baby vaginally as she was frank breech and I had a skilled OB. Having labour start naturally on its own is the way women were made to have babies. The hormones that are produced during labour help to prepare the baby's lungs for birth and to make the transition to the outside world. With scheduled csections babies do not receive these hormones. This is why respiratory probs like asthma, are more prevalent in CSection babies (there are stats on this). Also, the complications you worry about with vbac are valid but extremely rare, complications with repeated csections (to mom) are higher (stats on this too).
Just investigate to empower yourself with knowledge. Csections are a fabulous tool in the right situations, when medically necessary, but babies and moms are healthiest when left naturally. (This doesn't mean you have to go without pain relief). For personalized help consider hiring a doula. And in the many months following the birth of your baby there will be plenty of time for your husband to do kangaroo care when you're sleeping, eating, bathing, etc. All the best to you!
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