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Self checking cervix for dilation

Hello, so I have a question about self-checking a cervix for dilation. I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and have never tried checking/examining my own cervix before. I am convinced that my little guy will be here early this time around and so out of curiosity I decided to try and check for dilation myself. I was careful about making sure my hands were clean and being VERY gentle. Anyway, my question is, is there a possibility that the cervical opening I feel is not dilation? I went in with two fingers and found my cervix fairly quickly. I was very soft but I couldn't find any opening at all. So I reached further back and found a wide slit towards the back of my cervix. The opening felt like a pair of lips and I could easily fit more than two fingers up to the knuckle. Is it possible that I am dilated or did I manage to find a weird pocket or something behind my cervix. Thanks!